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About Us

Company Profile

Pearl Art Gallery established in 2012 by Nisha Singh, is one of India's leading Art and Craft company. It is a well-recognized and respected name. The company owns a brands name Nisha Singh. which designs, manufactures, exports and is a wholesaler of luxury tableware, home Décor, and gift items. Each design of this brand is soulfully handcrafted and is a piece of art which is ideal for your home and a gift for someone you love.

About the designer

Nisha Singh is a born artist, appreciated and adored a lot for her versatility. She holds art and handicraft exhibitions in different parts of the country. She designs luxury tableware, home décor and gift items which are highly appreciated and are in great demand. She keeps on experimenting with different mediums to create something new and innovative. Her each design is a work of art. She has a vision to bring a luxurious range of aesthetic and decorative Home & Lifestyle products to your world.

Nature is my inspiration, I wake up each morning with new ambitions and imaginations. My designs are my reflection, passion and source of happiness. My passion drove me to take a leap in the world of creativity……. Nisha Singh
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